scikit-surgeryutils documentation


  • Common overlay apps - Examples of common uses of scikit-surgeryvtk’s VTKOverlayWindow. Includes overlaying on a video feed, duplicating a feed.

Command Line Apps

  • - shows a millisecond timer and video image to crudely measure measure lag.
  • - extracts charuco points and annotates video image with each id detected.
  • - renders a VTK model, over background image, using OpenCV camera intrinsics.
  • - Create a calibraiton dot pattern.
  • - DICOM reslice widget demo.
  • - VTK text overlay demo.
  • - Read a surface mesh (.vtk,.vtp,.stl,.ply file), transform by 4x4 matrix and write as .vtk.

Source code is avaialble on GitHub.